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NFHiB - Positively Managing Negative Neighbours. Are you suffering or suffered in the past with a nuisance neighbour, noisy neighbour, harassment, bullying, boundary problems, anti-social behaviour or any form of unwanted neighbour attention or interference? Neighbours From Hell in Britain (NFHiB) can help you to resolve neighbour problems or any issues with neighbours within many different situations, there's no need to be or feel alone.

Neighbours From Hell in Britain (NFHiB) was created in early 2002, due to the site creator's personal experiences with repeatedly anti-social, noisy, inconsiderate and rude neighbours. A 'NFH' (Neighbour From Hell) can come from any walk of life and any part of society - the large amount of collective experience and information contained within NFHiB can help you address neighbour issues in any situation.

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Neighbours From Hell in Britain

Positively managing negative neighbours.

Answers are just ahead to help with a nuisance neighbour, noisy neighbour, harassment, bullying, boundary problems, anti-social behaviour or any form of unwanted neighbour attention.

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NFHiB is a 'not-for-profit organisation'. That basically means we do not make a financial profit from anyone using Neighbours From Hell in Britain and we do not make any profit from the many different services provided by this site.

We are able to help any person with neighbour problems and uphold our most important ethos of doing that within a community which is totally free to use and entirely free to access 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. 'Support for all which is free for all'.

The NFHiB Forum Community exists to enable people who are suffering with similar problems to come together as a voice for change and most importantly as a means of supporting one another through what can be truly awful times that are often both physically and mentally exhausting.

Since the initial forum community's creation, we now have been joined by over 35,000 registered members.

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Help ArticlesRead all about Noisy Neighbours, stop Harassment from neighbours. Check CCTV Law and if you're thinking about Mediation, 'Beyond Mediation'.

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NFHiB SpotlightWe regularly feature and take a look at topical issues that are of importance to NFHiB readers. Here we offer spotlight advice, opinion, help and information.

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Free Resources & DocumentsPrint out our noise or nuisance log diaries? This is the place. Free documents, posters and all the resources you may need in tackling neighbours from hell.

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What's New at NFHiB?Laminate Flooring - Have a laminate noise issue or thinking of laying laminate flooring? Learn about laminate floors and send or view comments on the issue!

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