The Big 10! 'Neighbours' - Good or Bad, Fact or Fiction

We're 10 Years Old!The Big 10 Competition

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, NFHiB is running a very special competition.

We have some great prizes to win, very kindly donated for the competition. To be in with a chance of winning one of these, you need to get your pen and paper out and start writing!

1st Prize: Get snapping with a fantastic HD Infrared Wildlife Camera DVR with Motion Sensor from (valued at £179.99). This is an ideal product to use with any neighbours from hell as it features handy infrared illumination (which is invisible to the human eye).

2nd Prize: A beautiful Teak Bath/Shower Stool – in dark (or natural if preferred) wood, from Faraway (valued at £149.99), ideal for any location in the home.

3rd Prize: Perfect for bookworms - A £35 magazine subscription from where the winner can choose their preferred magazine.

4th Prize: To Be Confirmed.

Please remember: To take part in the competition, you must first be a member of the NFHiB Forum (it's free to register and only takes a few minutes if you're yet to join).

To enter, we need the following (submit your entry using the button below which takes you to our entry form):

500 original words, written by you on the theme of 'Neighbours' - which can be good or bad, fact or fiction (you can title your piece in anyway you choose).

Remember though if you decide to base your story on a real life (factual) situation, please ensure you do not use anyone's real name, or indeed anything that may identify an individual, organisation, or their location, otherwise the entry will have to be rejected.

The Closing Date is 31.10.2012 and remember you must be registered on the NFHiB Forum as a member before you enter the competition and submit your entry.

Please read the 'Small Print' below, it's important honestly and we'll try not to bore you with it!

The Not So Small Print:

The competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom.

Current members of the NFHiB Support Team, the owners of NFHiB and members of their family are ineligible to enter.

Entries must be received by the 31.10.2012 at the latest. Entries received after this date will not be considered.

All entries must be submitted using the link to the form below.

You must be a live/current NFHiB forum member to enter and only one entry is allowed per member (entrants who create multiple forum memberships to enter more than one entry will be disqualified). Submissions must be entered with an entrant's current forum user name clearly associated with the entry.

The stories will be judged by the current NFHiB Support Team (the 'judges'); we will collectively mark each submitted story out of 10 (we'll look at such indicators like how much we like it, format/style/presentation, enjoyment, originality and overall value etc - remember though this isn't a 'Booker' prize and you don't need to be a professional author to win!).

The judges’ decision is final and will not be discussed, justified or explained in part or full.

All entries must be your original own work and not previously have been used (in full or part) for any other previous competition(s). Any story that has been copied (plagiarised in part or full) from any other source will become ineligible for entry and will be disqualified.

All material submitted must be suitable for family viewing and all age ranges.

We will fully examine all prize winning entries before prizes are awarded using and where it is discovered that any story submitted contains any plagiarised content, we will disqualify that particular entry. Please do not cheat and remember you do not need to be JK Rowling to win!

In the event of any tie in scores awarded to any story entry, the NFHiB Support Team will decide each winner based on how much value each story generally has and the total enjoyment level of the piece submitted.

On submitting your competition entry (the 'story'), you give NFHiB an irrevocable right to publish all or part of your entry (the story) in any format we deem fit (e.g. on the NFHiB website, forum area or within any offline or online publication or media we create). All your submitted story material, its rights and ownership will be fully owned by NFHiB to use as we require and see fit after you submit your entry to us.

All prizes are as listed above, there are no cash alternatives and no other prizes will be offered as a substitute. We also reserve the right to replace listed prizes with a suitable alternative in the unlikely event where these have become unavailable for any reason.

Prize winners will be notified no later than 1st December by e-mail (you must provide a valid e-mail address and ensure this is kept live for us to notify you in the event you are a winner). Prize winners will also need to provide a valid UK postal address so each prize can be sent via the postal system where required (this will be used for no other purpose than to ensure your prize is safely delivered to you).

Prize winner names (forum registration name) will be listed on the NFHiB site for public viewing.

Good luck and thank you for entering!

Ready To Send Your Competition Entry?

Submit your entry below (using the button to take you to our entry form), please ensure you carefully complete all the form and upload/attach your entry carefully before sending!

Please submit your entry in either .txt, .doc, or .rtf formats only so we can read them.