Tackling anti-social behaviour using CCTV

Anti-social behaviour is never pleasant to experience, but it’s even less so when it happens on your doorstep. This is one of the reasons why installing CCTV is a smart idea. For starters it is a very visible deterrent to anyone who may want to cause trouble. Many people would refrain from misbehaving if they realised they were being caught on camera.

If you are serious about getting CCTV cameras installed, make sure you opt for a system that records footage and keeps it for a period of time. At the cheapest end of the market you can buy dummy cameras that don’t actually film anything at all. This might deter some people but the more determined ones would be able to get away with exhibiting anti-social behaviour. You wouldn’t have anything caught on film to show the police.

When you get a CCTV system it is very important to ensure the cameras are pointing in the right direction so they capture the best images. They should only be trained on your property and not on anyone who is walking past on public property. Think about how people would approach your property – from the front and the rear – and ensure the cameras are properly positioned.

If you were the victim of anti-social behaviour you would want to be sure you could gather together the evidence required by the police to prove your case. Clearly the most important thing to do is to invest in the best possible system you can afford.

If you are still considering the pros and cons of getting CCTV, consider this. A house that has cameras installed in visible positions for people to see is likely to be a lot safer than one that does not have them installed. We all want to feel safe in our own homes. If you have a family (or even if you are on your own) you want to be sure your property is as well protected from any anti-social influences as possible. No one can ever be 100% protected of course, but having CCTV cameras in place and working 24/7 will certainly help matters.

This article was written by: Matthew