Technology to help battle Neighbours From Hell

If you’re on the look-out for some technological gadgets to help you gather evidence against Neighbours From Hell, we have just the solution for you. NFHiB has been partnered with leading supplier Fly on the Wall since 2011 – we know they are the market leader when it comes to supplying home security and surveillance products at the cheapest prices. If you’re an avid wildlife fan too you can even pick up a superb wildlife camera from the guys over at Fly on the Wall (we know, we bought one from them last Christmas!).

Fly on the Wall has all kinds of stuff online, meaning you can browse what you need from the comfort of your home and get it delivered direct to your door. Best of all they have a summer offer on at the moment which gives you free delivery on all items (use code SUMMER at the checkout).

We’ve picked out some superb ideas that might appeal in your fight against problem neighbours.

Here’s our 5 products of Summer 2014

1. Spy Sunglasses with hidden DVR spy camera – not just the chosen gadget that James Bond might use but available to you at £74.99. Sunglasses can make you feel safer when dealing with neighbours from hell in face-to-face situations (we all know how intimidating they can be).

We think that’s a bargain as you get to record the action in front of you with up to 6 hours of full colour video and audio, all behind some very cool sunglasses. Perfect evidence to help you get successful action against a neighbour from hell and feel more confident behind the shades.

Buy Spy Sunglasses at £74.99

Available to buy from Fly on the Wall @ £74.99

2. 3-Axis Gyro Remote Control Quadcopter With Video Camera – the ultimate in acquiring needed video camera surveillance in the air. Available to buy at £79.99. Use this nifty quadcopter for getting video up, up and away. Perfect just for fun or more serious use.

3. Blackvue Dashcam 400 HD 1080p Dashboard Camera with GPS – perfect to use in case of accidents or false insurance claims, also ideal to help capture nuisance neighbours who might come into contact with your car. Set the dashboard camera to record on a continuous loop or only when it detects adverse G-Force. Buy this Dashcam for a competitively priced £239.99.

To capture video or images during road situations outside or passengers inside also take a look at the Hidden HD Camera + 1.44 Inch TFT Car DV which is cheaper at £124.99.

4. Securix 500GB CCTV DVR, 10″ Screen & 2 Waterproof Infrared Cameras – get notifications via Twitter using Tweets, iPhone push notifications and smartphone or web client view with this professional network DVR system and 500GB storage. This complete security system is available out of the box and comes with a LCD display screen allowing you to control the monitor and DVR functions. All available for a competitively priced £249.99.

5. Personal Mini GPS Tracker – ideal for personal safety, for members of the family or friends, this personal GPS tracker is cheap at a price of £79.99. Handy to track loved ones, pets or valuable items such as your car or possessions. When calling the tracker you can receive a text message which tells you the tracker’s location (easily decode the longitude & latitude co-ordinates using Google Earth).

Remember, use the code SUMMER at checkout for FREE Fly on the Wall delivery.

You can see more products to help you tackle nuisance neighbours at the NFHiB shop. Best of all you help support us if you buy something.

We hope you’ve found our best 5 Summer products useful and here’s to a peaceful home life to all, always!

This article was written by: Matthew

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    • Dusty Rhodes says:


      As welcome as this is, no amount of surveillance equipment in any form it comes is worth a penny if the authorities take no action against the perpetrator/s with the evidence it provides,

      but worse than that, is when you do go to all of this trouble and expense asked for by the police, you find that the police take your cctv footage and select different sections of it which show only what they want to be seen, with a totally bias view, so that they get the outcome that they want in the courts,

      or when the police hold back your cctv footage evidence from everyone including CPS, which will show the whole picture and your innocents or at very least your nfh guilt.

      my conclusion is that you can speak to who you like, and do everything you are told to do, but in the end if the police want to victimise you and want to let your nfh continue to commit crimes against you, there is nothing you can do and no amount of surveillance equipment will make the slightest bit of difference,

      this is what I have suffered from and the reality of my experiences for the last 14 years, if you have any doubts just ask to have a look at my evidence,

      the fact that my mr and mrs nfh will not take part in a neighbours from hell TV programme and have refused their right to reply, speaks volumes about what has been going on.

      • Andrew says:

        You’re right about the police & by doing this they are “perverting the course of justice” & therefore criminals themselves. I live in social housing & have had many issues over the years with various neighbours who have been referred here for drug/alcohol problems over & over again. The Wales & West housing association actually benefit financially from placing these people here & it is them I Blame primarily. Together with their partners in crime, the discredited North Wales police, they have done their utmost over the years to minimise & ignore evidence I’ve collected against various neighbours. In fact the means by which you gather evidence is more likely to get the victim in trouble than the perpetrator, so I’d urge caution in using tech gadgets to gain evidence.

      • Keylon says:

        Thanks for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate.

    • BoundaryMan says:

      I would be very wary of recommending the use of a quadcopter with attached video camera. This could be classed as a surveillance aircraft and could come under the rules and regulation of the CAA..Certainly that is the case for any business providing such a service on a commercial basis.
      The rules are strict and the fines potentially high
      If you really feel the need then you might be better off considering kite aerial photography.

      • Andrew says:

        I’d urge caution too, as the so-called authorities who often have their own covert & thoroughly dishonest agenda, don’t like being shown up as inadequate. After all, if they were doing their jobs efficiently, professionally & without fear or favour, then we wouldn’t need to do this would we?

    • Matthew says:

      Very interesting – thanks for your advice BoundaryMan! :)

    • Kailee says:

      I reckon you are quite dead on with that.

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