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When Does Moving Become The Only Solution?

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 06:42 PM


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I've been suffering with noise problems from one particular neighbour for three years and have gone down every road possible....except taking Section 82 action myself. We live in a private development so the Council aren't interested and because the nature of the noise is children running-they prefer not to get involved and insist it is a problem for my managing agent. 


Every August, through to November the noise worsens and I know why; the problem is that the children run/jump/stomp/run on their heels! across their wooden flooring and all I hear is thump thump thump. It's awful. I haven't been able to do anything productive for 3 years......I can't read at home, I can't put together a proposal for a Ph.D. topic....I just can't concentrate. However, to make matters worse, every year at this time, their relatives visit from out of town (Pakistan)......there are always numerous adults at home-they stay over. This is a two bed flat; there are normally 2 adults, 2 kids and now extended family. The noise is worse because the kids get excited having visitors and are running as I speak.....thump thump thump! This occurs most evenings from 6 or 7 till 9 or 10.


My managing agent finally got my neighbour to agree that his flooring needs changing-apparently a surveyor deemed it inadequate (though I have always been of the belief that their flooring  is fine-it's more the behaviour that is the problem. Nevertheless, my neighbour has apparently agreed to change his flooring but he is in debate with my managing agent re-the time scale they have given him. My neighbour is a selfish, chauvinist man-I'm a woman living on my own. I've tried to speak to him about this-ages ago-we are now not on talking terms because he has no respect for me. My managing agent, whilst, helping are also fed up and only through me getting a lawyer involved did they finally sit up and listen to their responsibilities. However, relations are strained on all ends.


I have seriously been thinking of moving....somewhere out of London where people are not living on top of each other in such poorly built flats. The downside to moving (for me) is that I am currently 15 mins. drive from work and I love my flat-but my life has been made hell as a result of this family.


Anyone have any similar stories to share? Anyone move and feel it was the best thing they ever did? Anyone move and regret it?


Please share your stories with me....feeling very alone and tense as I type this.....




Posted 16 August 2014 - 09:03 AM


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Like yourself mine, well, started with the high heel on the floors in addition to alcohol and music etc, and like you it went on for years.  Again, like yourself I went down every route (thinking,hey, if I do it all 'the right way' I will get results) but 9 years later my ignorant selfish nfh are still the same.


You ask about moving, well my honest answer is, as much as you love the place your in I can honestly say that I deeply regret not moving when it all kicked off but then it is only normal that as you have a right to be there you want to make good and iron out the problems to stay in what should be a happy home for you,  I am in the process of doing the house up, seeing a solicitor and will be moving on next year (even with a financial loss - gulp !).  Although we shouldn't have to move, what you don't want to do is look back, still being stuck there and wished that you had.


I'm only speaking from my experience though, its' different for us all.  Maybe have a look and see what else is around that still might be close to work for you.


Good luck.


Posted 16 August 2014 - 08:19 PM


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You can read my tale in NFH Success Stories. 


7 years ago now, I realised we absolutely had to move when I was crying at the thought of coming home from a holiday. Somewhere you actively don't want to spend time in is not a home. Even though the NFH were tenants and could have left at any time (and in the event were evicted about 6 months after we moved due to non-payment of rent) I'd had enough of living in a poorly sound-insulated terrace with a landlord next door who didn't give a s**t about looking after his house or therefore who he rented it to. We'd made no formal complaints so I declared nothing on the forms, which unfortunately might not be an option for you by now. We moved out of London to the Home Counties and got a small detached with a lovely wrap around garden and delightful neighbours, for less than we sold the terrace for.


Zero regrets. Ever. Absolutely the best thing we ever did. 


Good luck.

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