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Prescriptive Rights

We ar in HELL
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Posted 15 August 2014 - 08:44 AM


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Hi All,

l would like to ask a question in relation to prescriptive rights. At the side of our home there is a small private road owned now by Tesco that we have prescriptive rights over for the last 6 years and which have been in place since before Tesco owned the land, also our neighbour that is joined to our property has the same prescriptive rights as ourselves in place. The business on the opposite side of the road to our properties has no prescriptive rights, but has been blocking our access to our properties for the last 3 years that they have been their  and is still doing so with his delivery lorries. He has never tried to make other arrangements for his deliveries and apologises all the time when we complain, but he just carry's on with the blocking. The point is he has now applied for his own prescriptive rights to use the private road and has falsely filled in the prescriptive rights application form, he has not made any mention of any dispute or interfering with our prescriptive rights. Even though our Solicitor has written to him and warned him that he has got to stop interfering and blocking our access to which he has ignored. We decided to approach the Land registry to put in objections to his application  but were some what shocked to be told that even though myself and my neighbour have suffered 3 years of interference with our prescriptive rights and even though we have evidence to prove and back up what we are saying the Land registry has said we have not got the right to object to his application. If this is the case than how do you or can you protect what you have in law our Prescriptive rights against interference . Hope somebody on this forum can please be of assistance. as we now feel that the law has abandoned us.


Kind regards Andy.