Humour: 'April Fools' Article, 2007

Special Announcement: 'Neighbour Invisiabla Spectacala'

Now available to buy, online at!

Introducting the New, Effective, 'Neighbour Invisiabla Spectacala' - £29.99, inc. P & P (with 12 month warranty).

These modern, fully functional, unique and effective UHF-based, Plasma, Multi-Dimensional Spectacles Patented by NFHiB in 2007, come fully tested and recommended by experts worldwide.

We are proud to introduce the new and exciting 'Neighbour Invisiabla Spectacala' range of spectacles. This cutting-edge design and futuristic technology has been especially incorporated into a fashionable pair of shaded spectacles, which will eradicate most nuisance neighbour problems, on the spot.

The patented technology of the Neighbour Invisiabla Spectacala, which is only available via NFHiB, is quite simply, stunning.

On wearing the spectacles, the owner will effectively be able to:

1. Turn any nuisance neighbour transparent. Yes, that means your neighbour will become instantly invisible due to our patented plasma, dimensional, warping technology (please remember, you must continue to wear the glasses at all times to retain neighbour invisibility).

2. Block all forms of unwanted neighbour noise. This is achieved by a special implant, worn on the side of the Neighbour Invisiabla Spectacala, which houses a special, secret micro chipset and NFHiB patented 'silenta neighboura CPU' which runs at a special -507mhz.

3. Render the wearer impervious to any form(s) of neighbour harassment, anti-social behaviour, boundary problems or unwanted neighbour interference.

This brilliant and effective system to prevent unwanted neighbour intrusion is only £29.99! That's cheaper than a night out in your favourite restaurant or Pub and will undoubtedly provide longer enjoyment and satisfaction. Beat the Neighbour From Hell, wear the Neighbour Invisiabla Spectacala!

You must act now as we have limited supplies of this exciting new product and stock will soon sell-out. To order, please e-mail us at:

Disclaimer: NFHiB is not responsible for any side effects that you may experience whilst using this product. Do not use while driving as these spectacles may impair normal vision. There is no guarantee that your neighbour will become invisible due to our patented technology, unless they really are a genuine nuisance neighbour.