How to be a Neighbour From Hell

The Definitive 'How to be a NFH' Manual

Welcome to the most definitive manual ever written on the Neighbour From Hell (NFH)!

Ever wondered what it is that makes a nuisance neighbour and what a typical 'NFH' will do? Read on and be entertained!

This manual has originally been prepared from all the experiences of Members at the Neighbours From Hell in Britain Forum Community, many thanks to them for collectively creating this manual. Ongoing Chapters have been submitted seperately.

You can find the forum board at:

OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: Remember this is tongue-in-cheek only, we're not really guiding anyone on how to be a bad or nuisance neighbour! These are NFH commonalities and many different traits! Sorry but it had to be said....!

"How to be a Neighbour From Hell: The Definitive Manual" is part of the NFHiB Website © 2003 - 2006: All pages and text within this 'manual' are copyright Neighbours From Hell in Britain (NFHiB) and may not be reproduced in any form without permission from NFHiB.

Please send submissions via our feedback form, and any photo's you want added, we'd love to hear from you. Don't forget to say on your e-mail if you'd like to be credited as the author!

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