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From here you will be able to read carefully selected extracts from current UK Legislation (some are applicable to a combination of England, Scotland and Wales legislation or sometimes specific to one area, please check as you read). Some are pretty lengthy, so be prepared to get a big page!

Northern Ireland's Legislation is not yet included, you can read it elsewhere online.

The legislation listed in this area is relevant to the problems of anti-social neighbours, neighbour problems or any issue that is related (e.g. community and environment factors). Acts of Parliament are included that have particular relevance to our Community and Environment, again in relation to neighbour issues.

Unfortunately, UK Acts of Legislation are often pretty difficult to read and understand, so the NFHiB Self Help articles are comprehensive and include legislation interpretation in a realistic way, so be sure to have a look at these too.

If you would like to see (or submit) a particular piece of legislation and/or law 'explained', please let us know so we might be able to include it here. Please e-mail your submission or idea, we welcome your feedback.

Where UK Acts of Parliament are shown, these are often just a relevant extract of the act that is related to aspects of Neighbour issues and/or community issues. For the Full Text of any Act, please refer to:

Choose your legislation from the list below (currently 14 acts of legislation listed):

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