Beyond Mediation

Beyond Mediation - Part 8

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It’s easy to become totally engrossed in the antics of the NFH but we’d like to conclude by saying that whilst your NFH will be paranoid and your reaction, or lack of it, will be dominating his every thought, its important that you get on with your life.

We hope we’ve provided you with the understanding and the tools to combat most of your NFH problems.

Our ultimate aim at NFHiB is that you can recognise that you’re not the only ones to be suffering at the hands of NFHs and ideally we don’t want you to have to visit NFHiB at all. Make sure that you make the time, most of your time, to be with your friends or family or doing what you enjoy. Your NFH should occupy only a small percentage of your life. If you do feel the need to rant about your NFH, then that is what we are here for. To offer advice and above all to listen knowing that we know what you are going through.

You now know how your NFH operates so hopefully you'll be better prepared to deal with him.

And remember…


Ok,OK; so you did remember!