Neighbour Harassment

Harassment From Your Neighbour: Part 1

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- Forms of Harassment from your Neighbour
- What action you can take about harassment



We're aiming to give you a good overview of what constitutes harassment, bullying and intimidating behaviour. As well as give you a good starting basis of where you can go to find out more information about harassment, bullying and intimidation from your neighbour. We hope to give you some practical and useful information to use too.

We've split this help article into 9 main sections to hopefully make it easier to read and simpler to bookmark different sections.

What's harassment got to do with my Neighbour From Hell?

Often people who are living with a Neighbour that is a nuisance are faced with other unwanted behaviours and specific problems from next door. With bullying often comes harassment, with physical abuse often comes verbal abuse, threatening behaviour and other forms of anti-social behaviour. Harassment is often experienced with these kinds of unwanted attention and seldom appears to be an isolated act or problem.

Some people who experience harassment and bullying from their neighbour may not even recognise the behaviour as it is so subtle and regular they overlook it for the harassment it could be or it simply becomes a part of everyday life.

Bullying and harassment are both major causes of ill health (both physical and mental health), stressful to experience and vastly affect your personal well-being. Whether this is happening at work or with your Neighbour From Hell, they are severely impacting issues on your personal life and will affect you holistically (e.g. in every area of your life and work).

If you are experiencing harassment and bullying you could be also suffering from a lack of sleep or raised blood pressure. You may also have a feeling of over-anxiety and/or depression, your self-confidence and self-respect may suffer and your concentration could be poorer than usual.

In the worst cases where someone is suffering with harassment, increased intakes of alcohol and/or drugs may provide some temporary relaxation and escape from the effects of bullying and harassing behaviour.