Neighbour Harassment

Harassment From Your Neighbour: Part 4

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- Forms of Harassment from your Neighbour
- What action you can take about harassment

Racial and Sexual Harassment

Within the terms of both sexual and racial harassment, it is generally understood that any behaviour that is included within these areas is often very varied and contrasting indeed. Such varied behaviours can include harassment within a verbal, non-verbal and physically orientated area. Such behaviour received from any individual is often unwanted and un-requested.

Sexual Harassment Indications

Sexual harassment is any form of behaviour that is unwanted and is attached or formed from either your gender or your sexual orientation.

Within the laws of the UK, there is no one specified law against Harassment of a Sexual nature. Action has often been taken using the different available statutes that form prevention of discrimination; therefore Sexual Harassment, in its direct legal terms is a form of sex discrimination.

Here are some examples of Sexual Harassment:

Of a Verbal Nature

  • A person is making comments about your appearance, your clothing and your body in general (e.g. your neighbour could be shouting these comments at you every time you leave your house).

  • Remarks and conversation are aimed at you directly which include indecent and abusive comments.

  • Unwanted questions, opinion and commenting about your sex life.

  • Demands and requests made of you of a sexual nature which either come from a person of the same or different sex as you.

  • Using your employment prospects as an excuse to request and gain favours and benefits of a sexual nature (e.g. your manager promises you a promotion if you perform a certain sexual act).

The definition of sexual harassment from the EU is as follows:

"unwanted conduct of a sexual nature or other conduct based on sex affecting the dignity of men and women at work".

Of a Non-Verbal Nature

  • You find yourself being stared at constantly or on occasions; your body feels like it's under 'close examination' by someone (maybe your neighbour takes every opportunity to stare at you when outside or when in your home).

  • Material which is sexually and adult-orientated in an explicit nature which is displayed publicly can class as a non-verbal sexual harassment (e.g. a magazine centrefold in your workplace that has images of naked individuals).

Of a Physical Nature

  • You are experiencing behaviour from a person who is always attempting or actually managing to physically touch you, pinch you or kiss/hug/caress you.

  • Assault of a Sexual Nature.

  • Rape (an extremely serious and unwanted emotional and physical intrusion and offence).

Racial Harassment Indications

If you are experiencing harassment which is racially formed and based you could be experiencing unwelcome attention that is connected with or a combination of any of these factors:

  • Comments about the colour of your skin, your culture, race or background.

  • Threats, comments or unwanted behaviours that are formed on the basis of your religious beliefs or what someone may believe your religious origin is. Behaviours experienced here, like others, can be physical and non-physically based.