Neighbour Harassment

Harassment From Your Neighbour: Part 9

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- Forms of Harassment from your Neighbour
- What action you can take about harassment

Collecting evidence of harassment

This is very important and can act as further evidence either to the Police or Courts at a later stage. Keep a factual note of all the incidents that are relevant with their times, places, dates and so on. Describe what happened and how/why it made you feel in a particular way. If you can back up what you're saying in your written records with verbal evidence and that of independent witnesses who can give factual evidence, you need to do so.

You could use the Neighbours From Hell in Britain generic recording form (Word Document) for this purpose.

If you are using recording devices to record instances of verbal harassment for example, make a written note to back up these recordings as soon as you possibly can following the incident. In some cases recordings using audio equipment may not always be admissible evidence, so ask your police or solicitor for information and advice.

Make a complaint

If you are in a workplace setting and being harassed consider using your employers 'whistle blowing policy' or harassment/bullying policies where they exist. Write to a relevant director or head of department to formally complain about the harassment.

Ring your Local Police headquarters and ask for more information, help and advice on how to make/register a formal complaint about harassment, mention the PFHA 1997 if applicable.

Always dial 999 if you or people around you are in danger.

It's important that you take more advice before embarking on any of these actions and we would recommend you seek information from a legally qualified professional, the Citizens Advice Bureau or your Local Authority where appropriate.

More Help & Advice?

You can also join the forum board to ask for more help and information - it's very busy and has a lot of good information, we currently have over 32,000 registered members.

Remember: That if you are currently selling your property or plan to in the future all disputes with your neighbour that have been formally reported and/or acted upon need to be declared to potential or actual buyers. If you don't do this, you could be legally challenged or at worst, sued!

When a dispute has been recorded or put down in writing, or where complaints to an authority (council) have been made, then this needs to be informed to any potential buyers of your property. Ask your solicitor for more information about this.

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This article last revised: 6th July 2003