Human Rights Act - 1998

Human Rights Act 1998 - Convention Rights/Outcomes

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- An Introduction to the basics of the Human Rights Act 1998

Rights within the Convention

Different classes apply to rights within the Convention Rights and they can be termed as 'absolute', 'limited' or 'qualified' rights, here's a short explanation of each:

  • Absolute rights are specific, say 'protection from torture' (article 3), prohibition of slavery (article 4)

  • Limited rights can include the 'right to liberty' (article 5)

  • Qualified rights look at areas of 'private and family life' (article 8) and rights to freedom of expression (article 10)

Interference with Rights that are Qualified

Such 'interference' is possible where there is either a basis in law, or where it is necessary in a democratic society (e.g. to pursue a legitimate claim, a pressing social need is fulfilled).

Also interference is possible where there are wider interests in the areas of public safety, national security, economic health of the country, crime/disorder prevention or to protect the health/morals/rights/freedoms of others.

Outcomes Available

Where relevant and applicable courts have a number of options open to them when implementing the Human Rights Act. They can grant any remedy or relief they feel is appropriate and just with a remedy that has to be effective. The courts can also include damages within their decision.

For More Help

To find out more about the Human Rights Act and your rights under it, you may need to talk to a legal professional who specialises in the area of Human Rights. The area is a complex and often complicated one which also could be affected by ongoing and future cases that are brought to courts under the legislation.

You can also join the forum board to ask for more help and information - it's very busy and has a lot of good information, we currently have over 32,000 registered members.

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