Neighbour Noise

Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues - Part 1

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- Noise from your Neighbour
- What you can do
- Legislation and Options in dealing with and managing noise



We've split this help sheet up into eight different sections to make it easier for you to read as it's quite an extensive subject. Noise is a nuisance in many ways!

The content has been kept down to earth and readable as far as possible, but remember there are some laws and legislation to take into account here so it may get a little more detailed in places. We think you'll find our comprehensive guide useful and practical though.

Noise from your Neighbour

When you've got a neighbour who makes a lot of noise it's no joke, noise can intrude into every area of your life and can literally assault you with its un-consenting effects.

Excessive noise affects your quality of life, it makes you jumpy, it makes you irritable, and it can prevent you from sleeping and cause many stressful side effects.

Noise has many forms - for most people who are living next door to a neighbour from hell, it'll be the boom boom boom of the heavy stereo music, the shouting and conversations they can maybe hear from their neighbours, the banging, crashing, DIY noise, car noise, car/house alarms, noise from parties and other gatherings, wooden floors, the list can go on and on.

Even houses and homes that have good insulating properties are often affected by modern noise - modern sound making equipment such as amplifiers and DVD surround-sound systems often cut right through good insulation that would normally stop normal every day sounds. Night time noise making and nuisance is a whole different ball game - it echoes, carries more and can keep you or others in your area awake.

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Within it's own right it is not an instant offence to create high levels of noise and remember that there is unfortunately no set level at which noise then becomes a 'statutory nuisance'.

Talk to your Neighbour

It may be an obvious starting point, but many complaints are often made formally in the first instance to individual Local Authority Environmental Health Departments or straight to a landlord of the property next door where it's possible you could resolve things informally.

We recommend that you always approach your neighbour first to let them know they are making noise that is disturbing you.

Be courteous and be polite even if you're very angry that you've been kept awake for the 5th night running or your enjoyment of your home is being regularly spoilt by the noise from next door. There could be a good chance your neighbour may not even be aware that the noise they are making could be disturbing you.

Hopefully, pointing this out to your neighbour may solve the problem and ultimately prevent it from spiraling even more out of control. Your neighbour could feel extremely guilty about their noise making and genuinely not have realised what they were doing has been causing you disturbance. Fingers crossed this works, it is one of the best solutions in theory.

Plan what you need to say first, take some written notes and examples of their noise nuisances with you when you call on your neighbour so you don't forget what you want to say. You could be a bit nervous about approaching them, especially if they are unknown to you, are new to the neighbourhood, or you've had little prior contact with them, so prepare and be as confident as you can.

Try to avoid going round to your neighbour to complain about the noise when it's actually happening. Chances are if someone has been drinking or partying heavily, they're not going to want to talk to you. You may be seen by your neighbour as simply trying to stop their enjoyment, when in reality that certainly isn't the case. So go around when you know they are home, when it's quiet and always plan your approach beforehand.

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