Neighbour Noise

Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues - Part 8

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- Noise from your Neighbour
- What you can do
- Legislation and Options in dealing with and managing noise

More Help and Advice?

Remember: That if you are currently selling your property or plan to in the future, all disputes with your neighbour that have been formally reported and/or acted upon need to be declared to potential or actual buyers (by use of the 'SPIF' - more info on the SPIF is available on the NFHiB Forum). If you don't do this, you could be legally challenged or at worst, sued!

When a dispute has been recorded or put down in writing, or where complaints to an authority (council) have been made, then this needs to be informed to any potential buyers of your property. Ask your solicitor for more information about this.

You can also join the forum board to ask for more help and information - it's very busy and has a lot of good information, we currently have over 32,000 registered members.

This article last revised: 29th June 2003

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