Neighbour Noise

Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues - Part 6

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- Noise from your Neighbour
- What you can do
- Legislation and Options in dealing with and managing noise

A special note: If you live in London

Within London, Local Authorities have a discretionary and special capability to actively and swiftly manage burglar alarms that sound/ring for more than a maximum of 1 hour.

Ask your Local Authority in this instance if it actively uses these special powers. If so, all alarm sounding systems in the area concerned are required to include a 20 minute 'cut-out device'. If they don't incorporate such a device your Local Authority can then enforce their special powers to enter into any premises so that they may silence and deactivate any alarm where needed. If this happens a warrant must be obtained to enter in advance and your Local Authority Officer is always acting within the presence of a local police officer.

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

ASBO's can be very effective and relevant in your noisy neighbour situation as with noise often comes many different forms of unwanted, intrusive anti-social behaviours.

Neighbours From Hell in Britain have a help sheet about ASBO's and ABC's which you can read to give you a really good overview of what they are and what's available.

Part 7: Noise Law & Other Legislation/Contacts