Neighbour Noise

Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues - Part 3

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- Noise from your Neighbour
- What you can do
- Legislation and Options in dealing with and managing noise

Start noting down all the noise disturbances

It's vital to do this if you haven't started already. It provides a picture of what's happening from your neighbours that's disturbing you. Remember, small instances and occurrences of noise nuisance add up.

You can use our blank noise logs (Word Document Format) to record noise nuisance. It's very important that you put when the noise started and when it stopped, the nature of the noise (e.g. music, dog barking) and it's also essential to list how the noise affected you. This could be because you were kept awake until 4am, couldn't hear your own TV over the neighbour noise, made you feel physically sick and tired, and so on.

These logs are also your evidence - keep a photocopy of them or the originals before you hand them to someone else for their records.

Can I record the noise myself?

Remember too - although you can record the noise from your neighbour yourself, it may not be admissible evidence. If Local Authorities ask you to record noise from your neighbour it will be on a properly calibrated and 'time stamped' recording device which is officially authorised for use in such purposes. These pieces of equipment are very sensitive and will fully pick up all sounds.


Mediation is sometimes an option people overlook. We hear comments such as 'OK, why should I try mediation when it's not my fault?'. Fair enough, it may not be your fault - after all, you've not asked to be disturbed by your neighbour's noise, why should you sit down and discuss it with your neighbour and a mediation group when you haven't caused it? It's a normal reaction - but be proactive, show your neighbour you can meet them halfway and at the end of the day if the outcome gives you a higher quality of life it is worth it.

Mediation representatives who are trained, will listen to both your side of things and the views of your neighbour - this can be done independently or in a meeting where you are all present. The mediator will attempt to reach an objective and successful compromise and plan of action where needed that suits both you and your neighbour.

Different mediation services have different approaches and will offer different services. You can also ring Mediation UK on Tel: 0117-9046661 for details of mediation services in your area.

For mediation to be ultimately successful, it does of course require the co-operation of both you and your noisy neighbours.

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