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NFHiB Graphic Logos: Save to Disk and Print

Please Note: Some of these graphics are higher resolution for off-line printing into documents and will be bigger in file size, taking longer to download. See file information on each logo. The graphics are currently for use on white backgrounds only.

After displaying in your browser: Right click mouse over graphic and click 'save picture as' or 'save image as' to store to your hard disk drive.


Large Logos

(To fill half size of A4 sheet)


high_res_logo_1.jpg (Colour, 242KB, 792x696)

high_res_logo_2.jpg (Grayscale, 122KB, 792x696)

high_res_logo_1.tif (Colour, 104KB, 792x696)

Small Logos

(Similar size to shown below)


high_res_small_logo_1.jpg (Colour, 15KB, 184x152)

high_res_small_logo_2.jpg (Grayscale, 12KB, 184x152)

If your requirements are not met and you would like another logo format (e.g. .png or .bmp etc) please e-mail to request this.

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