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We the undersigned wish to bring to the notice of the Local Authority, The Police, and other such agencies who provide services and amenities to the residents of the above mentioned areas of {Insert Areas Here}.

As a direct result of the Housing Policies of the Local Authority, we, the residents, are experiencing unprecedented levels of petty theft, abuse of drugs and alcohol, which result in the damage to the fabric of the buildings forming our homes, which are in the main, provided by the Local Authority.

We are continually having the amenity of quiet enjoyment of our homes taken away from us, by the 'Antisocial Behaviour' of a number of fellow residents, who through their determination to carry on a form of existence that is to the detriment of all of the residents as a whole, who wish nothing more than to live their lives peacefully and within the normal bounds of decent behaviour, and within the guidelines set out by the Local Authority as a condition of being granted a tenancy.

Many of the residents that are most effected by the mode of living of these Antisocial residents {insert ages and details of some residents and give examples of anti-social behaviour here}.

{Insert other personalised details of Antisocial Behaviour here as required}

One of the greatest irritants to the decent flat residents, is when the Local Authority remove one of these social misfits, only to re-house another person with the self same antisocial behaviour, allegedly, from another area of {insert area} where they have had to move the replacement resident for exactly the same antisocial behaviour, allegedly appearing to the residents generally, that they are acting in their best interests, but really playing some sort of macabre game of, 'moving the bad residents on a never ending roundabout.'

{As required} With the exception of a recent Police raid against alleged substance abuse taking place within the flats of the {Insert Area Here} area, the Police make little or no attempt to preserve the quiet enjoyment of the flats at {Insert Area Here}, even though they receive many complaints from the residents. It is alleged that mostly, they take the easiest way out by telling the residents to take the matter up with the Local Authority.

Matters have reached such a state now and feelings are running at an all-time high, that the residents are putting the agencies of control and care on notice, that if something substantial and long-term is not forthcoming soon, they will exercise their legal rights to withhold their rents until something is done to relieve this intolerable situation, and furthermore, they will look to take Legal action in their attempt to reclaim their rights to the same amenity of quiet enjoyment that the rest of {Insert Area Here} enjoys.

Reproduced with permission from the originating Solicitor.

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