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CCTV Installation QuoteThe next time you walk around your neighbourhood, take a closer look at the properties you walk past. The chances are relatively high that you will find several of them have home CCTV installed.

You’ll see tell-tale cameras positioned in one or more locations around the property, providing an eagle eye view of the surroundings.

If you want to protect your property and keep it safe from potential intruders, home CCTV is a good way to go. Regardless of whether you have nuisance neighbours or not, no one is immune to the chance of being burgled.

Anti social behaviour occurs all over the country. Thus even if you have the best neighbours you could hope for, you may still suffer from the actions of people in your neighbourhood.

There are many benefits to enjoy when you do have this technology installed, so let’s take a look at them now and find out what you can look forward to when you opt to have closed circuit television installed at your property.

Peace of mind

This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of getting CCTV installed. Many people who have opted to invest in CCTV cameras at home feel far more settled once they have done so. This is particularly the case if they live in areas that are prone to anti social behaviour, whether this occurs at night or during the day. Gathering recorded CCTV evidence to help deal successfully with neighbours from hell is also a key advantage of having home CCTV.

Home CCTV can offer peace of mind to all kinds of householders too. For example, people with young children will want to be sure their home is a safe place for their children to grow up. The elderly will want to feel safe in their homes. Young single people will also benefit from the additional peace of mind that CCTV systems can bring. It’s easy to see this is a system that can help anyone and everyone enjoy a better and more peaceful home life regardless of whether you have nuisance neighbours or not.

Better security

Imagine this – let’s suppose someone tried to break into your property while you were at home or a nuisance neighbour who is intent on maliciously damaging your home or vehicle. You manage to deter them and they run off, so you call the police. Would you be able to give an accurate description of the would-be thief to the police and also provide much needed proof? Many people wouldn’t. However, if you have home CCTV installed, your cameras would have caught an image of the thief or neighbour from hell, leaving the police in no doubt of the person they are looking for. All you would have to do is show them the footage which has been safely captured.

This is just one aspect of increased security you can look forward to. Of course, we are not always at home. If you were to go on holiday, it would be reassuring to know your CCTV system would be active during the time you were away, capturing any images of anyone who might try to break in during that time or vandalise your home.

The ideal situation is to make sure your property is as secure as it can be, whether you happen to be there or not. Installing proper CCTV cameras is one sure way of making certain this is the case.

A visible deterrent for would-be thieves

So far we’ve talked about the potential for capturing images of people who might try to break into or damage your property, as well as the idea of protecting your property around the clock, whether you happen to be in or not. However, there is a lot more to think about here as well, not least the fact that home CCTV acts as a deterrent for people who are looking for an easy break in opportunity.

Despite what we might think, many thieves are smart. They will take the time to look for a property that is easy to break into. Thus they are more likely to opt for one that has single glazing that is easy to smash or remove. They will also look for properties that do not have CCTV cameras present. After all, even if they do break in and get their spoils, they will know their image has been captured on the cameras and can be used against them when they get caught.

This is why many people opt to have a home CCTV camera positioned at the rear of their property as well as at the front. This enables them to deter thieves who may try to gain access from the back of the property, where they are less likely to be seen by passersby.

Recorded evidence for the police to use if required

Of course it would not be correct to say that CCTV cameras have the power to deter all thieves or antisocial neighbours from breaking into properties that have these cameras in place. However, even if you do get a system installed and you are still unlucky enough to have your property broken into or damaged, you will have evidence of the break in or vandalism recorded on your system.

When the police arrive you can show them the footage your system has captured and they can use it to help identify the thieves and catch up with them or use this as evidence to help take action against neighbours from hell. If the case gets to court the footage may even assist in helping them convict those responsible.

In this way you really do get a system that permits you to protect your home in more ways than one. It may not make your home immune to being broken into or property being damaged, but it certainly reduces the odds and provides evidence if the worst should happen.

Plenty of CCTV systems available for all budgets

The good news is that not all CCTV systems are hugely expensive. You can buy do it yourself kits that provide you with everything you need to install a camera at the front of your property. Alternatively there are plenty of companies around that provide installation and monitoring services for a competitive price.

Here at NFHiB we are pleased to offer our free CCTV installation quote service which takes just a few minutes to complete and send your details for a simple, fast and free CCTV installation quotation.

A lot depends on whether you want cameras as a deterrent or whether you want to be able to record footage on a continuous basis.

Some systems can even be accessed from other locations via a smartphone, so it depends on how sophisticated you want your system to be. However, many people would agree that even the simplest system is better than nothing.

If you can afford the best on the market today, you will have the opportunity to get home CCTV that comes with monitoring included as well. This means if someone should try and break in while you are hundreds of miles away on holiday, an alarm will be tripped and the monitoring service will alert the police. As you can see, some systems are designed to provide the best possible service and peace of mind you could hope for.

Is home CCTV for you?

If you are thinking of investing in CCTV cameras for your home, you can see there are many convincing reasons why you should do just that. It is up to you whether you want to get a basic system or whether you want to invest significantly more and get a better system with more cameras and monitoring as well. However, whichever system you choose you can be certain your home will be more secure with one in place than it was without.

NFHiB also recommends Flyonthewall as a highly reputable and competitive CCTV supplier.

Some people only opt to get CCTV after they have been burgled or have their property damaged through antisocial behaviour or via neighbours from hell. Don’t wait until this happens to you: consider all the options today and read through these advantages again. You may realise this is not so much a cost as an investment – and it is one that can pay dividends over and over again.

The NFHiB forum is full of information for anyone looking for free help and support with a nuisance neighbour and our CCTV section is crammed full of handy tips and advice.

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