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Spotlight: Kelly Osbourne and those annoying Doritos Ad's

Kelly Osbourne and those annoying Doritos Ad's

If Kelly Osbourne isn't enough to make you reach for the Doritos crisp bag and hurl it into the nearest dustbin, then the latest TV advertisement shown on British TV screens from Walkers Doritos, may make you feel distinctly queasy.

Kelly Osbourne & DoritosThe advertisement 'features' Kelly Osbourne playing loud music in the flat directly above the 'friendchips gang'. The group below Osbourne's flat are being disturbed by her loud music and discuss it amongst themselves; one of them says "I don't want to be the jerk from downstairs who complains about the noise".

After more discussion, one of the friendchips gang decides to go upstairs to complain about the noise. He knocks at the door, is greeted by Kelly Osbourne munching on Doritos and explains about the noise that is disturbing them below.

A voice shouts from within Osbourne's flat asking who's at the door, Kelly Osbourne replies "Oh just some jerk from downstairs complaining about the noise".

All very innocent you may think? Wrong.

If you've ever suffered with a noisy neighbour, you'll know, better than most what affects this can have on your life. Whether it's the constant thud, thud, thud of bass music coming from the flat above you or the screaming din of a 200 watt music system coming through your house wall.

Noise, is literally sickening.

Sufferers of a nuisance neighbour that have been kept awake all night because of a noisy, selfish and inconsiderate neighbour will understand the sheer distress and frustration it causes within daily life and the impacts it has. Sleep deprivation is one major symptom and victims of nuisance neighbours often experience stress, anxiety, increased pressures and severely affected physical and emotional/mental health.

Noise comes in many forms; it isn't just loud music, it can be animal noise (household pets), vehicle/aircraft noise or 'person' orientated noise (shouting, arguments). With noise that comes from a nuisance neighbour, often comes other related problem issues such as anti-social behaviour and possible neighbour illegal activities, it's quite often, a 'domino-effect'. Believe us, it's no joke.

If you're one of the lucky ones that hasn't experienced a problem with a nuisance neighbour then you are extremely fortunate, as luck really does come into it. Whatever area or background, culture, environment or walk of life you come from, we are all at risk from a nuisance neighbour.

Walkers Doritos are glorifying noise through their advertisement. Whether deliberately or inadvertently portraying such a belief, they are belittling and trivialising a serious problem for many, many people in Great Britain. People affected by noise and neighbour problems in the UK number at many, many thousands.

The advertisement implies that because the neighbours below Osbourne's flat 'complained' about the noise that was disturbing them, they are somehow the 'jerks'. Because their right to enjoy their home peacefully has been invaded and seriously compromised from the noise above, it is made to look as if they are the guilty party. In other words, the 'jerks' who have no right to complain, whereas in reality, they have every right to complain.

Is the Walkers Doritos advertisement sending a subconscious message to viewers that to make extreme, constant noise is 'OK'? To be a noisy neighbour is 'OK'? If we even dare to complain about unwanted and disturbing noise, that somehow turns US into the guilty-party, oh, sorry, the 'jerks'? Some viewers may interpret the ad this way, others may see through it for the trivialising and offensive material it really is.

It is every person's right to complain about noisy neighbours. If as a neighbour you are suffering with constant and regular neighbour noise, it is no laughing matter. It's a serious, numbingly-stressful problem which intrudes into every aspect of your life. People who are suffering as a direct result of neighbour noise are not 'jerks', they are victims.

Victims of noise, neighbour-orientated anti-social behaviour, neighbour nuisance, harassment and bullying from neighbours are human beings, attempting to live normal lives. Think of it as an unwanted attack on your person; suffering with nuisance neighbours is an 'assault', a serious one at that. It's advertisements like these that serve to undermine the seriousness and implications that radically affect the lives of a victim of a Neighbour From Hell.

If you want to complain about this advertisement, you can do so by visiting the Independent Television Commission (ITC).

PS: The ITC has ceased to exist from 18 December 2003 and its duties have been assumed by Ofcom.

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