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Spotlight: Fireworks, the Legal Explosive? Part 1

Bangers and Crash: Dealing with the menace of 'legal' explosives - Fireworks

Fireworks - Fun or Fear?

Fireworks are about having fun, aren't they?

Or at least, they certainly used to be. Thesedays firework use seems to be more and more associated with a loud, disturbing, unwanted nuisance at all times of the year. Nuisance not only for us, but for our pets and our children. They light the main fuse of one of the most annoying and disrupting disturbances around today.

November 5th, Bonfire Night, did this used to be the only night we'd hear fireworks? Maybe not, but increased instances of firework noise and disruption are more a part of our everyday lives than ever before. Birthdays, Celebrations and New Year bangers and crash have always been in existence, co-habiting with the more traditional 5th November celebrations, but do we hear them more and more throughout the year?

On the NFHiB Forums and recent news articles we certainly hear often about increased firework use and those that think it's fun to annoy and attempt to hurt others with these deadly, 'legal' explosives. Pets as well as human beings are often the unwilling victims of firework misuse.

So, have fireworks turned into a 365 day a year occurrence? It can certainly feel that way sometimes. With increased use of fireworks and what seems to be, increased accessibility of being able to buy the products over the shop counter or illegally through the 'black market', we think this situation is becoming the 'legal' explosive menace of the UK today.

What have fireworks got to do with a Neighbour From Hell Problem?

Often, anti-social behaviour is linked to Neighbour From Hell problems, such anti-social behaviour is regularly linked and associated with a whole host of other Neighbour From Hell issues. With one, often comes the other. So with anti-social behaviour often comes the misuse of fireworks, both within local communities and on individual's own properties.

Fireworks being used as weapons to be hurled like hand grenades on the streets of Britain seem to be commonplace thesedays. We only have to turn on the news, look at the internet or in the newspapers to see these kinds of events almost every day. At NFHiB, the News section, we list these kinds of events and other antisocial behaviours that people experience regularly throughout their lives.

How many more tragedies does it take to lift the firework problem from our society?

Not only do the adults, children and young people in our communities need to take responsibility for this problem, it is for the law makers to also examine closely. The government and police forces should actively tackle the firework problem, and proactively deal with this explosive situation once and for all.

Neighbour From Hell victims are often taunted, mocked and made subject to ongoing problems with firework misuse. Young people, children or adults that think it's funny to 'lob' a banger into a garden, tie a roman candle to a cat, throw a rocket at a passing car or pedestrian and even ignite a firework through a letterbox.

Neighbours From Hell can use fireworks carelessly in their gardens and properties to annoy their neighbours, with repetitive loud bangs and wallops. They think it's hilarious to inflict yet more noise damage and trauma on their victims. Well, we don't think it's hilarious, we don't think it's funny and we think it's about time this public problem was extinguished, permanently.